Pug Fest at Bell Tower Shops has a pirate theme for March 24 event

Jan 12, 2020

Unleash the Inner Pirate in Your Pug

Are you ready for a paw-some adventure at Bell Tower Shops? Join us, Mojo Knows SEO, on March 24 for an unforgettable event - the Pug Fest with a twist of pirate fun! Your beloved pug will have the chance to embark on an exciting journey in a sea of wagging tails.

Discover a Treasure Trove of Fun Activities

At the Pug Fest, we believe in creating an experience your four-legged companion won't forget. Here's a glimpse into the thrilling activities awaiting you:

Pirate Costume Contest

Show off your pug's swashbuckling style by entering the Pirate Costume Contest. Let your creativity shine and watch as your pug steals the show. From tricorn hats to eye patches, the possibilities are endless!

Pug Agility Course

Witness your pug's athletic prowess as they navigate through our specially designed agility course. Observe their agility and determination as they conquer obstacles, showcasing their skills in a captivating display.

Treasure Hunt

Join us on a thrilling treasure hunt where your pug can put their detective skills to the test. Embark on an adventure across the Bell Tower Shops, following clues, and discovering hidden treasures along the way.

Pirate Photo Booth

Capture the memories of this extraordinary day by visiting our pirate-themed photo booth. Strike a pose with your pug, and let our professional photographer immortalize the joy you and your furry companion share.

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Join Pug Fest and Elevate Your Pug's Adventures

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate your pug's playful spirit among fellow pug enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of the Pug Fest at Bell Tower Shops and witness your pug transform into a fearless pirate.

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Rev Gaudin
My pug is going to be the cutest little pirate at the Pug Fest. I'm so excited!
Nov 1, 2023
Niraj Shakhakarmi
Pirate-themed pug fest? Count me in! I'll be bringing my pug to join in the fun.
Oct 31, 2023
Piazza Ramsey
I'm excited to see how creative people get with their pug's pirate outfits. It's going to be a sight to see!
Oct 17, 2023
Mike Millard
Being a pug parent, I'm thrilled to participate in a pirate-themed Pug Fest. It's going to be epic!
Jul 2, 2023
Donna Mansard
My pug is ready to set sail for the Pug Fest! Can't wait to see all the other swashbuckling pugs on March 24!
Jun 5, 2023
Balaji Parthasarathy
I've always wanted to dress up my pug in a pirate costume. This is the perfect opportunity!
Apr 9, 2023
This sounds like a fantastic event for pug lovers and their furry friends!
Mar 6, 2023
Ardelle Knutson
I'm definitely bringing my pug to join the pirate-themed Pug Fest. Can't wait to see all the pugs in their outfits!
Jan 15, 2023
Ed Carlotto
I'm sure the Pug Fest is going to be a great opportunity for pug owners to make some new friends. Let's get our pugs ready for some pirate fun!
Dec 31, 2022
Cynthia Hayen
I'll definitely be there with my pug, ready to enjoy the festivities!
Dec 8, 2022
Sarah Choi
Arrr! The Pug Fest at Bell Tower Shops is calling for all pugs to show their best pirate spirit. Can't wait to participate!
Nov 27, 2022
Pawel Plawiak
As a pug owner, I'm thrilled to hear about the Pug Fest with a pirate theme. It's a fantastic way to celebrate our furry companions.
Nov 22, 2022
Rany Chacar
I'm already picturing all the pugs in their adorable pirate costumes. Can't wait!
Aug 2, 2022
Edward Garvey
I'm excited to bring my pug to join the pirate fun at the Pug Fest!
Jul 16, 2022
Tin-Wah Wong
Sounds like a fun event for pug lovers! 🐾
Jul 4, 2022
Ben Curry
My pug is ready to set sail for the Pug Fest pirate adventure!
Jun 13, 2022
Ilze Ports
I appreciate the effort to make pug events more engaging and entertaining. The pirate theme is a great idea to spice things up! πŸΆβš“οΈ
Jun 5, 2022
Jarrett Lewis
The twist of pirate fun at the Pug Fest makes me even more excited to attend. Can't wait to make memories with my pug!
May 30, 2022
Liz Zurawski
I love the idea of incorporating a pirate theme into the event. It adds an extra element of excitement and creativity.
Mar 25, 2022
Sara Nazir
The Pug Fest with a pirate theme is a great way to bond with other pug owners. Can't wait!
Mar 19, 2022
Fadel Abdulhai
I can't wait to see all the adorable pirate pugs at the event! 🐢☠️
Jan 29, 2022
Lhalkghlkj Slksjaklj
I admire the creativity behind the Pug Fest's theme. It shows that even our four-legged friends can enjoy a bit of adventure and imagination!
Dec 1, 2021
Linda Missing-Lastname
This sounds like a fun and unique event for pug owners! I can't wait to see all the adorable pirate-themed pugs.
Nov 27, 2021
Vonda Alberson
The Bell Tower Shops always hosts such fun and quirky events. The Pug Fest with a pirate theme is no exception!
Nov 24, 2021
Davidd Pelisson
Pirate-themed pugs? Talk about adorable overload! I can't wait to witness the cuteness at the Pug Fest.
Aug 14, 2021
Zhang Zhang
Arrr, matey! My pug can't wait to show off his pirate spirit at the Pug Fest! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
Jul 28, 2021
Not Provided
I had no idea Pug Fest could be so exciting! My pug and I are ready to be pirates for the day!
Jul 18, 2021
Chantal Lebel
I'm looking forward to capturing some precious moments at the Pug Fest with a pirate theme.
Jul 15, 2021
Christine Hill
I'm thrilled to have the chance to bring my pug to such an entertaining and unique event.
Jun 14, 2021
Tracy Layton
This article got me excited for the Pug Fest at Bell Tower Shops!
May 14, 2021
Troy Sporcic
I can already imagine all the little pugs running around with their pirate hats and bandanas. It's going to be adorable!
May 5, 2021
Nancye Claxton
I can't wait to see all the adorable pugs in their pirate outfits!
Mar 26, 2021
Kees Boon
I've always wanted to see pugs dressed up in cute pirate costumes. This event is going to be a blast!
Feb 21, 2021
Justinian Brian
So glad to see these fun and creative events for pug owners and their furry friends!
Jan 26, 2021
Lynee Miller
This event is pawsitively perfect for pug owners and their furry mates!
Jan 17, 2021
Dolf Hou
What a unique and fun way to spend the day with my pug. Can't wait for March 24!
Dec 30, 2020
My pug is all geared up to channel his inner pirate at the Pug Fest.
Dec 20, 2020
Lolly Lewis
What a great way to bring the pug community together for a day of fun and adventure. Count me in!
Dec 17, 2020
Add Email
Can't wait to see the pugs enjoying the pirate adventures at the fest!
Nov 21, 2020
Michael Kutcher
The pirate theme adds an extra element of excitement to the Pug Fest. Can't wait to see all the pugs in their swashbuckling attire!
Nov 16, 2020
Hayat Kadi
Arrr, matey! This Pug Fest with a pirate theme is going to be epic!
Nov 1, 2020
Marcin Kaciuba
I can't resist the idea of pugs in pirate costumes. This event is going to be a blast! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
Oct 7, 2020
Ilie T
I didn't know Pug Fest could get any better, but a pirate theme sounds amazing!
Sep 16, 2020
Scott Stewart
Pirate-themed Pug Fest? Count me and my pug in for the fun!
Aug 31, 2020
Dorothy Adamczyk
I'm looking forward to seeing the creative pirate costumes on the pugs.
Aug 22, 2020
Jason Acevedo
I love how creative the organizers are with the pirate twist for the Pug Fest.
Aug 11, 2020
Manaf Hasan
My pug is going to be the cutest pirate at the Pug Fest. Can't wait to show off his outfit!
Aug 8, 2020
Ed Randolph
This article has me all hyped up for the Pug Fest pirate adventure. We're definitely joining!
Jul 26, 2020
Vincent Rolland
My pug is ready to plunder some treats and have a blast at the pirate-themed Pug Fest!
May 30, 2020
Rohan Posina
I love the idea of a pirate-themed Pug Fest! It's going to be so much fun for the pugs and their owners.
May 9, 2020